Pure Mountain Seoul Performance Duffle Bag

Pure Mountain Seoul Performance Duffle Bag


TRAVEL FAR. LIVE PURE - with our new Seoul Duffle bag , made from recycled windscreens, that would have otherwise gone into landfill and harmed the environment. This bags is an all rounder bag. Whether you are heading to Japan for Pow, Kosciusko to trail or Maui to surf, this 71-litre volume bag provides enough storage for any length of time. The straps can be used for the typical dual shoulder usage or lengthen one to use as the single of the shoulder travel use.

  • Made from RPVB (Recycled Poly Vinyl Butyral) plastic waste from the laminate of windscreens

  • 71 litre volume
  • Medium Size, average weight 945grams
  • Dimensions: 37cm x 58cm x 37cm
  • Detachable, adjustable, padded shoulder straps
  • Haul handles x 4
  • Large main opening with a weather-resistant zipper flap
  • Main compartment has a zippered mesh pocket
  • Rugged abrasion resistant bottom fabric
  • 4 compression straps
  • ID pocket on the top of the bag
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What is RPVB?
RPVB, or Recycled Polyvinyl Butryal, is recycled and repurposed material sourced from safety glass.

Where does RPVB come from?
PVB is a layer of plastic between layers of tempered glass that adds strength to the glass and prevents shattering.
The glass is used in automotive windscreens and in construction glass for use in tall buildings. The glass is recycled, but until now, the PVB component went directly into landfills. 

Now, BM2W is diverting PVB from landfills, and recycling and repurposing it to make new products.

PVB Recycling Process.JPG