Product Registration

This registers your PURE garment and gives you ownership over the three-year warranty and the ability to pass the warranty on if you decide to sell it or gift it to another. 

We take all warranty claims seriously.

Please fill in and submit the form below. Please keep all copies of proof of purchase as we may ask for these. We will email you back with confirmation of your registration.

Please be aware that garments are not warrantied against:

😊 sun fade, pilling, forgetting to replenish your DWR, zippers breaking, sliders coming off, and general wear and tear. Crashing into your mate or the tree next to him, falling into creeks, standing in the rain getting wet, getting to close to the fire and melting your garment, not doing zippers up and getting wet, skiing with legs so close together that you cut the inside of your pants, snowboard rubbing against the side of your jacket and slicing is like prosciutto, pant cuffs dragging through car park cause their too long. Chat with us about anything you are not sure of. Where here to help you.

Name *
Where did you buy your PURE garment?
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Date Of Purchase *
Date Of Purchase
Please provide the date of purchase which should be provided on your receipt
Please include all taxes and/or discounts applied
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Please keep all proofs of purchase
You should find all this information on the swing tag with the garment. Please email us if you have any problems :)