"We have never received that type of instruction with their (Bad ASS) Fast Track system!"

As we drove into Myoko (Honshu) we were shocked to see that the village actually grew grass? Normally we would see at least 2 meter walls of snow creating a maze like roadways but with our clinics beginning the following day, we were excited to get out there and ski whatever snow there was. The next day it started snowing and within days we had 50 cm of new snow, WooHoo!!! The clinics ran over the next two weeks were fantastic with many LBM's and very happy clients. 

Next, onto Nozawa for the clinic of the Fire Festival week which is always an amazing event and not to be missed. We do this week every season so be sure you book in with us early so you are not disappointed. 

Nozawa is an amazing Japanese village with lots of yummy restaurants and things to see and do with a fantastic ski area with great runs which suit all our clinics. Again more LBM's with two clients saying they had never received the type of instruction we provide with our (Bad ASS) Fast Track system. 

Farewell dinner saw 2 of the Pure fleeces go to the best dummy spit and most gutsy. In the past this person had only dreamed of conquering black runs and by the end of the clinic, skiing the chute (double black) was an amazing feat. The other went to the Most Consistent, Quiet Achiever who had only ever skied green and light blue and was now carving, doing some solid short turns and small moguls. So well done and congrats to those two.


Madarao is always special to us as it has some serious black runs and has an enormous tree skiing area which is allowed and encouraged there. The super fast Shinkansen bullet train now goes to Iiyama (which is only 20 mins down the hill) making it really easy to get to. Madarao gets the most snowfall of any resorts in the region. The Kogan Hotel's buffet is to die for and Jazzy's and Rudolph's restaurant are exceptionally inviting, are very interesting and and all have a wonderful mix of Japanese and Western fare. 

Riding the single chair to the top of Mt Madarao gives you breathtaking 360 deg views, taking in Joetsu City on the coast, to Myoko, Nozawa and Shiga Kogan ski resorts. We enjoyed day trips with our groups to Shiga Kogan, Myoko and the Snow Monkeys and a very worthwhile visit in Iiyama to our friend Tanaka san's Mizuo Sake factory & tasting which is self serve and is Amazing!!!  After another two weeks of amazing clinics, it was sad to leave this wonderful resort and our good friends Toru, Hitoshi & Aki who run the resort. They really like what we do and have requested us to return next season and have offered us really good deals with accommodation for our clients.  

We had heard from Harro from Harro's SnowSports in Niseko that several days of sun had baked the snow there but as we arrived so did the new snow and it hasn't stopped in 3 days, so freshies every day. We chose to go to Kiroro which is an hours drive because they have opened up the back country around the resort. So after filling in the appropriate paperwork at the new Mountain Club desk and a really good cup of coffee (also new to the resort) we hit the first gate to the back country areas. We have skied these areas before but as instructors doing the correct thing regards safety with our clients, Ski Patrol has turned a blind eye to us, however it's always been a concern to us and others. The new system they have is simply great and safe.

After skiing most of the day in knee to waist deep fresh snow with smiles all round, we decided it was time to hand in our electronic passes which are also new this season, sign out with the Mountain Club people and head for the van. Getting our boots off then cranking the heater up gave way to much chatter about the days breakthroughs and epic powder adventures. We will be returning to this amazing resort again with our groups each week with more breakthrough moments giving our clients more skill development and technique to enable them to ski more challenging terrain. 

Tomorrow we will be hitting the slopes and gates in Niseko then later in the week Rusutsu is on the cards. Till then............... 

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Action Snow Sports are a team of ski & snow board instructors, dedicated to helping YOU master the art of skiing and snowboarding with a special focus on: 1.Building the individuals skills and confidence to enable them to ride more challenging terrain and 2. Most importantly, learning the secrets of skiing and riding the amazing Japan “POWDER”. For the lower ability levels this could be as little as they can handle or more, and for the more advanced, this could be knee deep or waist deep in white fluffy stuff.

Totally Awesome is what springs to mind which is why, we LOVE our Pure Snow Wear so much!! After trialing it in Japan last season, we were so happy with it that we’re now using it as our uniforms for all our Coaches! Running our clinics in Japan requires us to be comfortable, look professional and be easily seen by our clients on the mountain in all, weather conditions. Pure gear is Light, Warm and Dry, very versatile and kind to the environment. PURE - Simply Outstanding
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