sympatex pure brandz waterproof jacket

Is an outdoor jacket’s waterproof rating really that important? Well…let’s start with some science:

sympatex waterproof column test

To measure a jacket’s waterproof rating, a column of water is placed over the jacket fabric. Water is added to the column and the level, measured in mm, rises. The level at which the water begins to seep through is the waterproof rating. A jacket must be able to withstand a water column pressure of 1,300mm to be classed as waterproof, otherwise it’s merely water-resistant. (In technical terms, if it meets the 1,300mm level then it is waterproof pursuant to EN 343 standard based on ISO 811.) A typical outdoor jacket can be roughly 10,000mm (10K), with more advanced jackets around the 20,000mm (20K) mark.

The Sympatex membrane used in PURE jackets and pants can withstand a staggering 45,000mm, or 45K for short. In fact, this is the limit of the water column test. We’re confident that our jackets can withstand much more than this.

Now, imagine you’re heading for a week of fun activities in the mountains and you need some waterproof clothing to keep you warm and dry in the wet conditions. You’re thinking, “Waterproof is waterproof and anything above 10,000mm is overkill, so why bother with the ratings? This jacket says 10K so I’ll just go with that.”

The good news is that you’ll probably stay dry for a while in light to moderate rain. The bad news? If the rain gets heavy and the wind picks up, that 10K waterproof jacket will start to lose its appeal.

So now you’re thinking, “Ok, 20K is more than enough for my needs, I’m not swimming in Niagara Falls! This will hold up in heavy wet weather.” Correct…but it comes with more bad news.

pure brandz waterproof jacket

You see, 20K jackets will keep you dry whilst enjoying light activities during normal rainy conditions. Carrying a 25kg backpack on your shoulder, sitting on a chair lift and kneeling on damp ground, for example, have the equivalent pressures of 1K, 5K and 13K respectively.*

But strong winds add more pressure, heavy falls into the snow add more pressure, body size and weight add more pressure. Suddenly that 20K gear doesn’t feel so dry. That’s when you’ll wish you had a higher level of waterproof protection.

Pure Brandz have partnered with Sympatex to create eye-catching outdoor apparel for the skiers and the riders who plan on doing more than just sitting on a chair lift and kneeling on damp ground. We want you to ski and ride as hard and fast as you like. And if you fall, stay dry.

We even sealed every single seam using special Sympatex tape to eliminate any chance of water or snow creeping in.

Staying dry on even the most extreme days of heavy snow, strong winds and high-impact falls has never been easier with Pure Brandz and Sympatex.

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*Figures are for general reference only and may vary depending on weight, height, weather conditions, speed, and other factors.