Pure Brandz Sympatex windproof jacket

Skiing, snowboarding, climbing, snowshoeing, and all the other snow sports you love are all about having the right winter clothing. The problem is you can’t take a whole suitcase full of ski jackets and pants to deal with the changeable weather conditions or to swap when they get too sweaty inside.

The solution is a lightweight, breathable, and 100% windproof garment from Pure Brandz that combats the effects of wind chill and lets moisture evaporate from the inside out; a welcome, refreshing feeling when your only focus should be enjoying yourself on the hill.


Cold weather feels cold (duh!). But throw wind into the mix and it can feel even colder. This phenomenon is known as the Wind Chill Effect.

Wind chill occurs when the insulating layer of air around the body that’s generated during physical activity is taken away by the wind. That wind makes the current temperature feel lower than it actually is. And the higher the wind speed, the colder you feel. For example, if the current air temperature is 5°C and the current wind speed is 10km/h, the perceived temperature would be around 3°C. If the wind speed picked up to 50km/h, the perceived temperature would now be around -11°C. That’s quite a difference!

Pure Snow apparel is made using the Sympatex membrane to offer guaranteed protection against the wind chill effect due to its 100% windproof rating consistent with DIN EN ISO 9237 standards. As a result, 0 litres of air per second pass through 1 square metre of fabric used in Pure Snow jackets and pants.

Pure Snow Uniform Jackets - Keeping the Thredbo team comfortably warm in wind and snow.

Pure Snow Uniform Jackets - Keeping the Thredbo team comfortably warm in wind and snow.

Armed with info on windproof standards in top-rated ski jackets, let’s take a look at one the least understood terms related to quality active wear…breathability.


That uncomfortable feeling when moisture builds up within your heavy, less-breathable outerwear can be a real pain. When the body sweats, it does so to protect itself from overheating. Although this natural process is vital, it also creates the risk that the body will be cooled excessively, for example if moisture in the clothing removes heat from the body. The consequences of this would be an unpleasant sensation on the skin, reduced performance, and a high risk of catching a cold.

Contrary to the popular misconception that more air needs to circulate between skin and fabric, the answer is actually wearing a fabric that allows moisture vapours to escape and keep you dry on the inside.

A Hohenstein test measures the breathability of a fabric by simulating perspiration. From Wikipedia, “Ret is the measurement of the resistance to evaporative heat loss. The lower the Ret value, the less resistance to moisture transfer and therefore higher breathability.”

Ratings can go from 0 to 30+, with those fabrics closer to 0 offering the best breathability and 30+ the worst. A ski jacket with a rating of Ret 10, for example, would provide a good level of breathability during moderate activities.

The Sympatex membrane reaches absolute top values with a Ret value of down to 0.5. 

Taking full advantage of the hydrophilic (water-attracting) components of the Sympatex membrane, Pure Brandz garments absorb moisture from the body and transport it to the outside so that it can evaporate. This keeps the body warm and dry, and protects against the cold and rain even in extreme situations. In fact, the more intense the physical activity, the more efficiently the Sympatex membrane works thanks to its Dynamic Climate Control. Push harder and longer than ever before with Pure Brandz and Sympatex.

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