The Pure Apparel Life Cycle

Everything on Earth has a natural life-span, a beginning, a middle and an end. At PURE, we embrace the idea of our clothes having a life and purpose that’s natural and sustainably full circle.  Every stage of a PURE products life has been designed and planned out by us so as to have the greatest positive impact possible.

The Beginning

When you buy a PURE product, we provide a three-year warranty. You must register your garments as soon as you purchase them.

The Middle

After three years of wear and active use, we encourage our customers to take advantage of our 10% Guaranteed Buy Back option. This allows you the chance to enjoy the latest innovative advancements in our PURE products while helping your used PURE products enjoy a second life.

10% Guaranteed Buy Back Procedure

  • You can go to any PURE dealer and hand in your used PURE garment and receive 10% of your original purchase price, off your next PURE product, or can donate this money to charity.

  • ALL returned PURE products are then donated to appropriate aids in colder climates.

The End

After one year of being donated, we drop-off the next batch of returned PURE apparel and take the original returned PURE apparel back for recycling to be turned into something else.

And so the cycle repeats.

Why do this?

We live in a time where technology and innovative endeavors are constantly changing the definition of what is possible. We embrace the knowledge that each of our PURE colorful collections of men’s and women’s ski jackets and pants  will be better and more environmentally sustainable than our previous.  We encourage you to give our products an active life and to then please recycle your PURE product with us.