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Like all snow fanatics, we can’t wait to be outdoors and give our all on the slopes – even on days when the weather’s a bit feisty. And, as long as we’re wearing the right winter gear, we expect to stay dry, warm and comfortable during a full day of skiing and snowboarding.

So when it came time to design our Pure Snow collection, we searched far and wide for a material that provides excellent breathability as well as water and wind resistance to a standard well above the accepted norm. But we didn’t stop there…

We also made a commitment to eco fashion by only using materials that were kinder to the environment and the health of our fans than other waterproof fabrics on the market.

This may have seemed an impossible task but thanks to recent innovation and like-minded outdoor sustainable apparel enthusiasts, we found SympaTex®. The German fabric specialist produces a membrane that is 100% waterproof to 45,000mm (an industry-leading standard), 100% windproof and offers optimal breathability.

SympaTex® had so far satisfied all but one of our strict requirements.

Pure Brandz Outdoor Jackets Prove Quality & Ecology Can Coexist

To our – and Mother Nature’s – delight, the SympaTex® membrane is guaranteed green. In other words it’s 100% recyclable like a PET bottle. It is made of completely harmless polyether/ester (a combination of polyester and polyether molecules), and is therefore completely eco-friendly whilst being kind to the skin.

In contrast to other membranes, the SympaTex® membrane in Pure Brandz outdoor clothing contains absolutely zero PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) whose manufacture, disposal and incineration can release substances which are regarded as ecologically problematic.

In terms of functional textiles, SympaTex® has proved how high tech and environmental protection can complement each other. The functional textile specialist makes a steady contribution to improving the ecobalance by its resource-saving production processes. 100% performance from an ecological point of view.

Greenpeace, in October 2012, found the SympaTex® laminate/jacket with the lowest residues of PFOA to be an ecological alternative in the outdoor clothing industry. Read the Greenpeace report here: "Chemistry for any weather". In the Greenpeace Detox Campaign “Chemistry for any weather - Part ll”, two independent laboratories tested 17 outdoor products for PFC and other hazardous substances and found the SympaTex® laminate/jacket the test winner by far.

Curious and want to learn more about SympaTex®? Visit their official website at

Eco-Friendliness as a Matter of Course

The clothing and textile industry is responsible for creating millions of tons of CO2 emissions each year. Yet in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, many fashion designers, including Pure Brandz, are turning their attention to recyclable fabrics and energy-saving production methods, which aim to create environmentally friendly clothing and produce less waste.

Thanks to our use of 100% recyclable SympaTex® fabric, the production of 5,000 Pure Brandz jackets can save approx. 1.5 tons of CO2 emissions – equivalent to 1,200 car trips of 10km each – compared to PTFE jackets.

Plus, we live in a time where technology and innovative endeavours are constantly changing the definition of what’s possible. That’s why we embrace the knowledge that each collection of PURE men’s and women’s outerwear will be better and more environmentally sustainable than our previous.

Pure Brandz Goes Full Circle on Sustainability

Everything on Earth has a natural life-span, a beginning, a middle and an end. At PURE, we embrace the idea of our clothes having a life and purpose that’s natural and sustainably full circle. Every stage of a PURE product’s life has been designed and planned out by us so as to have the greatest positive impact possible.

This is all we ask:

  • Give our products an active life.
  • Don’t throw them away after use or when upgrading to the latest PURE innovations.
  • Return your garments to us to take advantage of our 10% Guaranteed Buy Back option and we’ll donate them to a worthy cause.

This is what we’ll do:

  • Donate returned garments for a period of one year to appropriate aids in colder climates.
  • After one year, we drop-off the next batch of returned PURE apparel and take the originals back for recycling.
  • Repeat the whole cycle.

Pure Brandz eco-friendly winter clothing allows you to explore the world with a pure conscience, knowing you're wearing the best outdoor fashion from its inception to its ultimate recycling.

Pure in the Spotlight

It's not why we do it but we are very grateful for being recognised as a leader in sustainability, with our Gold Coast Business Excellence award and recent article on More Gold Coast "Gold from green – successful eco-businesses".

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