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pure brandz sympatex flexible ski jacket

As skiers and snowboarders, we are constantly shifting stance and body angles, applying pressure to different areas of our winter clothing; especially around the joints.

Pure Snow Telluride Men's Jacket - Black
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Regular winter jackets are usually too heavy, too bulky, and don’t offer the range of motion or robustness required to fully enjoy winter activities. Without the proper flexibility, being able to avoid unexpected hazards like dodging trees, rocks and other obstacles just got harder, and that makes injuries much more likely.

For every jump, every bend, every twist and turn, Pure Brandz skiwear is made with 4-way stretch Sympatex fabric that is designed to move with the wearer and give you maximum comfort and flexibility when you need it most.

Our high-performance ski jackets and pants are constructed to enhance your skiing and snowboarding experience. Engineered interiors around the elbows and knees plus contoured panels follow the shape of your body for unencumbered freedom of movement.

The fully functional and ergonomic design of Pure Brandz outdoor clothing is complemented by four-way, 300% mechanical stretch Sympatex fabric that is highly-elastic and extremely durable for that extra flexibility needed to achieve those punishing body positions in deep powder. Even the seams are completely sealed using stretchable Sympatex tape, turning the most vulnerable areas of active wear into one of our strengths.

Of course, Pure Snow jackets can be worn on diverse occasions on the hill and around town. The close-fitting style and vibrant colours give that extra level of flair to all fashion-conscious fans of winter.

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