The Little Things. Part One: The Movie

We just downloaded The Little Things from iTunes and were left stunned by the efforts of the world’s finest professional snowboarders to highlight the importance of protecting our environment. The incredible mountain footage is amazing too of course! We were so moved by the project that we decided to write a series of blog posts reviewing some of the movie’s best moments and help them spread the word.

Here’s the movie description from iTunes:
“The Little Things is a snowboard movie project based on environmentally conscious riders who are inspirational through their riding, as well as their sustainable ways of living and thinking. The film is an initiative taken on by professional snowboarder Marie-France Roy and directed by Filmmaker Darcy Turenne in which all the riders are bringing to life the importance of protecting and living in balance with our environment. 100% of proceeds from the film will be donated to Protect Our Winters (POW) and The David Suzuki Foundation (DSF). The goal is to bring snowboarding one step ahead while inspiring positive change that will secure the same lifestyle and quality of life that we have for future generations.”

The snowboard film begins with pro-snowboarder, and the movie’s producer/creator, Marie-France Roy giving us a tour of her completely hand-built house in Whistler – a four-year project using clay and other materials sourced locally, as well as non-recyclable waste packed into the walls. Her story inspires others to think about how they can find more sustainable ways of living.

Photo courtesy of Marie-France Roy

Photo courtesy of Marie-France Roy

“We are all environmentalists because we’re made of nature,” she says. “We can all do an effort and we can all be a part of the solution because we’re all part of the problem.”

The major motivation behind the non-profit snowboard documentary is to use the stories of proactive snowboarders to encourage every one of us to consider our own environmental footprint. Then take simple and positive action to protect and preserve nature for future generations no matter how little you think your actions may be.

Part 2 – Jeremy Jones and David Suzuki

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