Q&A with Pure Brandz ambassador Amber Wyatt

Kicking off her ambassador role with a fun-filled trip to New Zealand, Amber Wyatt has partnered with Pure Brandz to share her experiences with fellow adventure seekers around the world. We sat down with Amber to learn a little more about her and why she feels Pure Brandz represents her style…

Pure Brandz ambassador Amber Wyatt #amberdiscovers

Pure Brandz ambassador Amber Wyatt #amberdiscovers

Q: Tell us a little about yourself?

I was born and bred on Hamilton Island, which has been a major influence in my love of nature and adventure. You'll never find me inside on a beautiful day!

Q: How do the garments at Pure Brandz represent your style?
Whether I'm off on an adventure or at home working in front of camera; there's nothing more important to me than feeling comfortable and confident. That's what Pure Brandz give you. It's 100% green... and 100% stylish (like me of course!)

Q: What makes Pure Brandz such an exciting brand to be a part of?
Pure Brandz is 100% green and 100% recyclable. Need I say more? It's a revolutionary product with big plans over the next few years. I can't say much more just yet but I'm excited. Stay tuned!!

Q: Why do you think it is a brand that your fans would enjoy?
People who spend a lot of time outdoors, have a great affinity for nature. So anyone who aligns with me, will be excited to find an outdoor apparel brand with a conscience!

Q: What words do you live by?
It's funny all I can think of is 'Travel Far, Live Pure'... but truth is, it sums me up pretty well! 

Q: What have I not asked you that I should have?
I'm off to New Zealand this week to try out some of the new apparel. I'm super excited!! Anyone who wants to follow me (and get a sneak peak of next seasons colours) should follow me @purebrandz or @amberwyatt