The Little Things. Part Three: The Other Guys

This is the third and final post in our series reviewing The Little Things – a non-profit snowboard movie/documentary project by professional snowboarder Marie-France Roy and directed by filmmaker Darcy Turenne. So far we’ve covered inspirational stories from Marie-France Roy, Jeremy Jones and POW, and the David Suzuki Foundation. We’ll wrap up our review by shining the spotlight on some of the other riders in the movie and their commendable efforts.

Tamo Campos travels far and wide raising awareness of issues impacting our environment in his role as founder of the environmental and humanitarian activism group Beyond Boarding. To spread the word in his native Canada about decreasing our reliance on fossil fuels, Tamo and his crew lead by example by travelling in an old school bus modified to run on used vegetable oil. It’s an issue we also feel strongly about. That’s why we partnered with Sympatex to produce our 100% recyclable ski jackets and pants. Sympatex substantially contributes to the reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions that are harmful to the environment.

Tamo Campos – Image courtesy of  The Little Things

Tamo Campos – Image courtesy of The Little Things

The highlight reel towards the end of the movie shows us just how much the snowboarding community is leading the way to ensure we sustain the snowboarding way of life for generations to come. Here are just a few that we resonated with:

  • DCP planted over 2,000 trees to offset part of his yearly carbon emissions.
  • Jamie Anderson used recycled fabric to produce her own outerwear. Pure Brandz jackets and pants are 100% recyclable and made from already recycled materials.
  • Chanelle Sladics is the co-founder of Simply Straws, a reusable glass drinking straw company and the co-founder of the first zero waste snowboard event, The Community Cup, with Kjersti Buaas.
  • Leanne Pelosi donates used outerwear to people in need with her program “Give Back With Love”. We will donate every PURE garment to appropriate aids in colder climates when you return it to us in our 10% Guaranteed Buy Back option.

We highlight these little things not to blow our own trumpet but to show you how easy it can be to live a little more eco-friendly. Plus, how else would you know if we didn't tell anyone?

In case you missed it, here’s Part 1 – The Little Things Movie and here’s Part 2 – Jeremy Jones and Protect Our Winters (POW)

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